Whether a sloped roof or a flat roof, and whether residential, commercial or industrial, Toitures Phénix offers a complete or partial repair service for your roof. After a certain number of years – generally 20 years depending on the product – a roof can fall apart in several ways.


For pitched roofs, the shingles may lose their granules, bend or simply fall off the roof. For flat roofs, the membrane can degranulate, bump or lift as long as the gravel can blister or even crack. If you see its signs, now is the time to change the whole of your roof. This is why Toitures Phénix offers you a free submission!


Do not hesitate to contact us quickly to obtain your service offer, because the damage that can be caused by water infiltration can be very destructive and costly.

Why doing the refurbishing of your roof?
  • Multiple inconveniences
  • Shingles can lose many granules
  • Shingles may bend or fall off
  • Membrane can degranulate, bend or fall off
  • Gravel may blister


According to APCHQ recommendations, maintaining your roof will extend the life of your roof. Toitures Phénix advises preventive maintenance twice a year to correct and prevent any natural deterioration related to your roof.


During the maintenance, the experts at Toitures Phénix undertake to remove natural debris from the roof, clean the gutters, repair the damaged caulking joints, visually check the condition of the coating and the accessories. as well as the creation of a short report on request.

Why doing the maintenance of your roof?
  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Correct natural deterioration
  • Remove natural debris
  • Repair damaged caulking joints


The accumulation of snow can cause considerable damage to the structure of your roof. This is why Toitures Phénix offers snow removal on any roof that has accumulated more than 40cm of snow or that carries a considerable amount of ice. Work carried out by our qualified employees avoids any breakage of the roof during snow removal.


This prevents backflow of water during melting in the spring or even during winters with varying temperatures. It also helps to avoid the risks associated with pieces of ice that may fall on a pedestrian and to ensure the solidity of the structure by removing the excess weight, thus preventing the structure from collapsing.

Why doing the snow removal of your roof?
  • Prevent damage to the structure
  • Prevent roof breakage during snow removal
  • Prevent water backflow
  • Avoid the risk of falling ice pieces
  • Ensure the solidity of the structure


Is your roof leaking? Has damage been caused by strong winds or do you simply want to repair certain areas of your roof before winter?


Our repair service includes several ways to help you with minor work on your roof. Our technicians will take care of the work quickly and hassle-free!

Why repair your roof?
  • Avoiding roof deterioration
  • Repairing water infiltration
  • Preparing your roof for winter


A well ventilated roof is essential to extend the life of your roof. The consequences of poor ventilation can be very damaging.


In fact, poor ventilation can, in winter, cause condensation in the attic, thus giving way to an accumulation of ice at the bottom of the slopes or in the valleys. This causes in most situations infiltration which can create major problems inside your home.

Why doing the ventilation of your roof?
  • Extending the life of your roof
  • Avoid condensation in the attic
  • Avoid ice build-up
  • Avoid major problems in your home
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